dave (dtang4) wrote,

a blog that pays

This blog entry is about NuTang, www.nutang.com.  NuTang is a weblog community that pays its members to maintain an account.

The current payout is $0.37CPM, which is pretty high.  As long as you people visit your site, you will earn money.

They also have a lot of other unique features, other than the revenue-sharing program.  NuTang also has a protista points system, which is essentially the site's own currency system.  You can participate in games and stuff to earn protista points.  With these points, you can purchase enhancements to your site, like a "blog signature," a "secret page," and the "NuTracker."

The only thing is, www.nutang.com is on an invite-basis only.  However, I have some left to give out, so if you want to join, email me at dtang4.lj@gmail.com.  Send me your current blog's URL, so that I know you will actually use my invite.
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